We have confidence in and deliver to you the craftsmanship of skillful artisans.

Since our founding, MORPHO has offered innumerable leather fashion goods that feature a balance of quality, fashion, and value through brands such as our flagship CYPRIS collection.
As leather good professionals, we acquire a precise picture of our users' needs, create products to meet them, and actively make use of original materials and techniques.
From a belief that the foundation of craftsmanship is the materials, we accept no compromises in the selection of our them, inspecting all materials and only making use of those that pass MORPHO's own standards.
We are obsessive about quality and are not sparing in the number of invisible steps that go into every product we make. The result is a difference in MORPHO products that can take time to get used to.

As a leather fashion goods professional, MORPHO will continue to serve as a bridge between users and craftsman, delivering wonderful products that are a cut above.

We have confidence in and deliver to you the craftsmanship of skillful artisans.

The pride of craftsman engaged in the pursuit of functional beauty

The soul of an artisan is the continued creation of items that will resonate with users. Countless worn out cutting and sewing tools are a testament to the history of long years of work. It is with these tools and the skills of unshakeable artisans that high quality products are created. Groups of young artisans inherit their skills from artisans with experience spanning half a century. With supreme skills, the spirit of a true artisan is built over a long period of humble steps, one at a time.

MORPHO originals are created from the passion of hard-working artisans in our workshop, permeated with the smell of leather.

The pride of craftsman engaged in the pursuit of functional beauty

The history of the CYPRIS flagship brand and the development of new brands

Since its establishment in 1995, the CYPRIS brand, which first entered into business with Ginza Wako, has used carefully selected materials, emphasized function, and constantly explored manufacturing techniques.

It has, in a sense, drawn a line separating itself from the conventional way of thinking in the industry, which is to change the materials and manufacturing techniques each season and put out something new. We believe that it is impossible to find a new material to replace a superb one which has been so carefully selected. We also believe that changing the manufacturing techniques used each season does not increase craftsmen's skills. Since the establishment of series such as Rainer Calf, MORPHO has continued to use the same carefully selected materials. While the features may have changed slightly with the times, the essence of their manufacture remains unchanged. By pursuing the utmost in craftsmanship each and every day, our products' level of perfection continues to rise.
The result is that we have been awarded in the Department Store Buyer's Awards sponsored by the Senken Shimbun six times in a row since 2005. However, we honestly believe this is thanks to the support of our customers, to whom the benefits of MORPHO's policies on craftsmanship are passed on.

With the essence of our craftsmanship (the use of carefully chosen materials, focusing on functions, and the pursuit of improved manufacturing skills) as-is, MORPHO will continue to offer lifestyle solutions to our users.
We will continue to offer fun styles to add color to users lives, whether business or casual. The CYPRIS COLLECTION, making luxurious use of high class materials and focusing even more on craftsmanship than the CYPRIS brand. The Helena brand, which offers a variety of trendy colors to contrast with the classic image of CYPRIS. S・coeur presents a casual style using natural materials. Neu interesse offers products developed from a perspective of taste, in addition to aspiring to an unprecedented degree of craftsmanship. FLYERS STYLE, a separate label within the CYPRIS brand, offers business trips spent fashionably and comfortably in addition to optimum styling. The Transtec Style label, under the Helena brand, helps users conduct business more efficiently.

Both with the Love Earth eco leather series and the S・coeur brand MULANT STYLE label, MORPHO will continue to aid in the prevention of global warming by conducting sustainable industry and development while preserving the environment under the theme of people and environmental friendliness.

The history of the CYPRIS flagship brand and the development of new brands
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