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Phone: 03‐6666‐8800
Fax: 03-6666-8802

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For corporate customers interested in commemorative items, novelties, and original products, please contact us via the information below.


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Privacy policy

Regarding the protection of personal information such as customers' names, addresses, and services requested, MORPHO Co., Ltd. adheres to the policies listed below.

  1. MORPHO Co., Ltd. shall comply with laws and other standards concerning personal information and shall take thorough care in the protection of our customers' important personal information.
  2. MORPHO CO., Ltd. shall handle customers' personal information in a reasonable manner within the scope of the activities outlined below.

    ・ As specified by request or other means by the customer him or herself.
    ・ For the purposes of delivering billing materials, required instructions, and greeting cards.
    ・ To provide other company services.

  3. In the interests of handling customers' personal information in a reasonable manner, MORPHO Co., Ltd. shall maintain and develop internal regulations and management systems; train employees; carry out appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information; and shall strive to protect said personal information through continuous review of the above.
  4. In the interests of achieving the purposes of use outlined above, MORPHO Co., Ltd. may entrust customers' personal information to outsourcers and business partners.
    In this event, MORPHO Co. Ltd. shall employ necessary and appropriate steps, such as the selection of companies with satisfactory plans for the protection of personal information and the conclusion of contracts for the purposes thereof.
    MORPHO Co., Ltd. shall provide applicable public institutions such as courts of law and law enforcement agencies with information when its disclosure is requested as required by law.
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