Daily maintenance

Limit daily maintenance to gently wiping the surface of the product with a dry cloth.

If you find a small scratch unattractive or bothersome, thoroughly soak a cloth with a neutral delicate cream for leather and apply it evenly into the surface. Use only after testing the cream on a hidden patch of material.

In order to make the most of the natural texture of leather, we use tactilely rich natural dyeing whenever possible.

In the interests of this, we do not dye our products more than is necessary, nor are we able to use processes which would completely fix their color. As such, color loss or fading may occur due to rubbing of materials, including with perspiration or water.

Care products

・ Provide nutrients and moisture to leather products, preserve softness and leather life.
・ Colorless and thus useable with leather goods of any hue.
・ Gel type

* When using cream-type products, always test on a hidden patch of material before using.


We accept repair orders either through the store where the product was bought or directly.
As repair fees vary depending on product condition (age, construction, degree of damage, etc.), we will begin repairs after making an estimate at our company.

Please be aware that we can only provide repair services for our company's products.

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Koutou-ku, Tokyo
136-0073 Japan

Leather goods gain character the longer they are used

Leather is a material rich in character. Its color and feel slowly change with long years of use.
Below is an example of the changes Rainer Calf leather undergoes.

  • New
  • Six months later
  • Three years later

With daily care, you will be able to use your product for many years to come. We hope you'll take an occasional moment to enjoy the feel of the leather.

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